Toppbilde KTT: Reis komfortabelt til flyet

About us

Kongsberg Tour and Transport AS was founded in 1999, to fill a need for coordination of transportation to and from Oslo airport Gardermoen and Torp for Industrial needs in Kongsberg.

The company currently has 35 employees. Turnover is during these years multiplied, and we can offer everyday low prices to all airports in eastern Norway.

As the only taxi company in Norway, we have all our organisasion certified according to NS-EN ISO  9001/2008.

Our specialty is “Traveling Together”, to the different airports. This way our customers are allowed low fixed rates all day - all year round.


In addition:

  • Luggage, parcels, letters and visa safe to destinations in Norway.
  • Bus tours and private enterprise
  • School transport in the Kongsberg Region
  • Patienttravel in Kongsberg and Hvittingfoss

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