Toppbilde KTT: Reis komfortabelt til flyet

Airport taxi

Travel comfortably. From home, from the company – to the airport

Where YOU want  – when YOU want.

Our specialty is “Traveling Together” to the airport. By this way our customers are allowed low fixed rates all day - all year round.

Fixed prices:

  • Kongsberg – Oslo Airport Gardermoen NOK 843, - per person if you pay online or in the car (this special price is only for appointment customer as KOG ASA), or NOK 883,- if you want the trip to be billed to you company.
  • Kongsberg – Sandefjord Airport Torp NOK 1600, - per car/trip (1 to 3 persons, 1 pick up/delivery adress)
  • Private Travel (assuming free space in an already arranged car) NOK 464, -. Call us for more info.


  • Prices are valid under the following conditions:
    • We must have your order within 2 - two hours before departure Kongsberg.
    • 1 large suitcase + 1 pilot suitcase. More baggage? Let  us know when  order!
    • Pick up at your home address within 5 km from Kongsberg center, and from all scheduled stops along the route.
      • By pickup outside Kongsberg, estimated pickup time will be calculated by our traffic managers. You will be contacted in good time before departure.
      • Pickup outside 5 km from Kongsberg regular rates.


Departure time

  • Kongsberg – Oslo Airport Gardermoen:   3 hours and 10 minutes before flight departure
  • Kongsberg – Sandefjord Airport Torp:      2.5 hours before flight departure

We wish you a pleasant journey!

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